Philippine Studies Group

The Philippine Studies Group is one of six official country committees of the Southeast Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS). The Philippine Studies Group meets once a year in conjunction with the AAS. Volunteer members maintain an email group and a website, support scholarly exchange of ideas in national and international conferences including the AAS meetings and the International Conference on Philippine Studies ICOPHIL, administer the Grant Goodman Prize, and work with peer organizations in the Philippines, Europe, Japan and Australia.

Organizing Philippine panels for the AAS | ICOPHIL | EUROPHIL | PHILIPPINE STUDIES CONF IN JAPAN | Other regional conferences



2 thoughts on “Philippine Studies Group

  1. Hello, I need someone from your group please to to be one of the examiners for my PhD dissertation. The title is ‘AN EXPOSITION AND CHRISTIAN ETHICAL EVALUATION OF THE CONFLICT BETWEEN THE BANGSAMORO PEOPLE AND THE GOVERNMENT OF THE PHILIPPINES’. Research is being done with the Australian Catholic University under Dr. Richard Wade, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Theology and Philosophy, Ballarat Aquinas Campus, PO Box 650, 1200 Mair Street, Ballarat Vic 3353.
    Hope to hear from you soon.


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