PSG meets Friday night Mar 28th 7:30pm (updated)

As previously announced, we are set to meet Friday March 28th 7:30-9:30 pm Philadelphia Marriot in Room 410. I’ve already asked current advisory board members to send agenda items ahead of time but also welcome additional items (old and new business) from all, especially from those who expect to be present at the meeting.

A list of 2014 updated papers and panels has been sent out to the PSG email list members (as of 1 March 2014). If you’re going to Philadelphia, please support all our colleagues by attending their sessions. If you’re not attending this year, please  support them by sending paper/panel info to others both within and outside Philippine-, Southeast Asian- and discipline-specific circles.

We are thrilled to especially note two panels:  Rethinking Philippine Studies through Histories of Money and Finance: New Perspectives on Colonialism, Nationalism, and Democracy (details) (Sponsored by the PSG) and organized by Allan Lumba—it will take place very early 8:30 am, March 29th. In addition, we’re very happy to note the panel New Perspectives on the Chinese in the Modern Colonial Philippines (details) organized by Justin Jackson—they will present the day before at 3:15 pm. The wonderful mix of scholars in these two panels—both graduate students, mid-career faculty/researchers and established colleagues and coming from universities and research institutions from a vast geographical spread—is especially heartening!

The list sent out was developed using very general search terms, it is not likely to be an exhaustive list. To generate a more specific list using your own search terms, feel free to use the AAS Conference search feature (Note: anyone can search but only registered conference attendees can save their results so be warned!)

Finally, a heads up to all of us—next year’s AAS will be in Chicago. Planning a year ahead of time is not such a bad idea. Graduate students listed in the directory will soon receive copies of the most current list; other colleagues who wish to reach out to graduate students both within and outside North America, please contact for more information.