Call for nominations: PSG country chair/Exec Secretary

Advisory Board members Paul Rodell & Barbara Gaerlan have graciously stepped up to form a nominations committee; they are accepting nominations including self-nominations, for the position of the Association for Asian Studies-Philippine Studies Group  (AAS-PSG) Country Chair/Executive Secretary.  As you know, Richard Chu resigned as incoming chair last Fall and outgoing chair Cheree Quizon has continued in a temporary capacity until a new election is held at our Chicago meeting.

Duties and responsibilities. The PSG is an official country committee of the Southeast Asia Council (SEAC), one of the regional councils making up the AAS as a whole. Since we have no by-laws, the duties have varied a little bit over the years but in the immediate past, the chair holds a three year term with the following yearly duties:

  1. Represent the PSG at the annual SEAC meeting held on the first day of the annual conference; this is where all the country chairs report and meet with the SEAC board members, and also when we can request funds and get key info to disseminate to individual members;
  2. Reserve the PSG meeting room in advance of the conference;
  3. Coordinate with any standing committees such as the PSG Travel Award committee, as well as our volunteer communications head/email group administrator;
  4. Coordinate with/disseminate info from panel organizers for future AAS conferences; and of course,
  5. Prepare the agenda and run the annual meeting.

Every two years, the chair/exec secretary also appoints members of the Goodman Prize selection committee and coordinates with them when an award is to be made.

Past duties included dealing with the issue of the Pilipinas Journal, but that matter has been settled via a series of membership votes and public notices that have put an orderly closure to PSG’s legal and financial obligations.

This current website/blog is also temporary and content will be moved over to any site that the future chair wishes use. The option also exists to keep this up and running, if desired, since it is hosted for free by Seton Hall University and can be used by non-university personnel.

Past chairs including Paul Rodell, Sunny Vergara and Sue Russell might have other items to add to this. The experience has been extremely positive, with past chairs, board members and many other colleagues stepping up to help with the transition into the job. This collegiality will undoubtedly continue as one term ends and another begins, as we all look to a smooth transition to new leadership.

Please spread the word, encourage a colleague to come forward, and contact Paul ( and/or Barbara ( to nominate, self-nominate, or to share any comments, questions or concerns.


Recipients of PSG Travel Awards 2015

Congratulations to this year’s four recipients of the 2015 PSG Travel Award. Each will receive $280* from the PSG Travel Fund, three of whom are presenting their papers in AAS Chicago and one in AAS-in-Asia in Taipeh. On behalf of the members of the PSG travel award committee, Lindy Aquino, Nita Churchill & Megan Thomas, we thank our junior colleagues for their hard work in submitting solid abstracts and organizing substantive panels, as well as all donors who made this year’s awards possible. Interested in donating to this good cause? See more info here or contact PSG Recording Secretary/Treasurer Megan Thomas at

*originally pegged at $250 but adjusted to match the AAS graduate student stipend rate for 2015