PSG sponsored panel requests for AAS 2016 in Seattle

The AAS Conference deadline is around the corner—August 6th! Folks sending in individual papers as well as those sending in organized panel proposals should be mindful of the AAS deadline as well as their specific online submission process that can be found on their website

Those who have organized a Philippine-themed panel and wish to be considered for PSG sponsorship, please don’t forget to send a duplicate copy of your proposal (panel abstract + individual paper abstracts) to me as well as to Bernardita Churchill by Aug 3rd Monday. 

As always, the PSG sponsorship request is independent of the AAS submission process; endorsement of a selected panel does not guarantee acceptance by the AAS conference committee but is acknowledged as an expression of support from a community of peers.  Since PSG started this in 2010, we’ve had a 100% rate of success in PSG sponsored panels. As always, we seek panels that have well-focused/rigorous question/topic/issue, demonstrate diversity (a mix of junior & senior scholars, disciplines, institutional affiliations across regions/countries, etc.). Panels organized by graduate students/junior scholars is also a plus.

If unable to seek sponsorship, we strongly encourage you to submit directly to the AAS by August 6th. Many Philippine-themed panels that did not go through the sponsorship route have consistently been accepted by the AAS over the years so we encourage direct submissions by all!

See the Conference page on our website for additional information, including how graduate students/junior scholars with accepted papers can apply for PSG Travel Funds



Pilipinas Journal archive now open access

The Philippine Studies Group (PSG) of the Association for Asian Studies partnered with Hathi Trust, Google Books and the University of Michigan to offer full access to the Pilipinas Journal archive. First published by PSG’s precursor, the Philippine Study Committee in 1980 as Filipinas under the editorship of Charles O. Houston, it subsequently appeared as Pilipinas: A Journal of Philippine Studies, under the editorship of Lawrence A. Reid. This peer-reviewed, semi-annual interdisciplinary journal provided a unique and valuable forum for the dissemination of scholarly work on the Philippines by academics not only in the United States/North America and the Philippines/SE Asia but also Europe, Australia/the Pacific, and other world regions. In 2003, PSG partnered with their Australian counterpart, the Philippine Studies Association of Australia (PSAA), who continued the editorial management and production of the journal (Print and CD-ROM) under managing editor Paul Mathews; the last issue in this format was dated March 2006. Returned to the PSG in the US in 2009, this storied publication in its current format was terminated April 2011. The PSG’s longstanding vision of putting all back issues online and free for all to use came to fruition with this partnership with the Hathi Trust. The open access model supports the principle of responsible sharing of knowledge and information for all, the promotion of fair use as well as the adherence to ideals and best practices of fair attribution. Links to individual issues may be found here or by searching the journal title via Google Books. Pilipinas Journal is governed by a Creative Commons license 4.0.