Seattle 2016: News on sponsored panel & travel award

Congratulations to Aries Arugay (U Philippines-Diliman) and Sharon Quinsaat (U Pittsburg), organizers of the PSG-sponsored panel “30 Years of People Power: Mobilization during Crises and Change in Philippine Democracy,” and accepted at AAS 2016! Additional papers from Marco Garrido (U Chicago), and Celso Villegas (Kenyon College) are rounded out by discussant Vincent Boudreau (City U New York). The papers will provide fresh perspectives on EDSA and “People Power” mobilizations as we mark the 30th anniversary of that watershed event. Congratulations, too, to other colleagues with accepted papers and panels! We’d love to hear from you so we can spread the word to colleagues attending the conference.

We will open applications for the 2016 PSG Travel Awards sometime in February 2016. New this cycle: Any graduate student with an accepted paper at the AAS 2016 in Seattle or the AAS-in-Asia 2016 in Kyoto presenting on Philippine topics, issues, and themes can apply. The amounts vary per year but we seek to match the AAS Graduate Student Stipend which in 2015 was $280. You have to present your paper in person to receive the award but unlike the AAS stipend, ours does not limit geographical location. To view last year’s call for applications, see PSG TRAVEL AWARD 2015 To view last year’s awardees, click here. We hope every graduate student who applies for the PSG Travel Award also takes advantage of the AAS graduate student stipend; we have no control over the AAS stipend but are happy to spread the word to double the impact!

-Cheree Quizon & Megan Thomas


Megan Thomas elected PSG Chair 2016-2019

Message from Nominations Committee 20 October 2015: By an overwhelming vote Megan Thomas of the Department of Politics at the University of California at Santa Cruz has been affirmed as the next Executive Secretary of the Philippine Studies Group of the Association for Asian Studies.

During the March 27 PSG meeting in Chicago, nominations were opened to solicit a successor to Cherubim Quizon who has graciously continued in an acting capacity beyond her three year term. At that point, Professor Thomas, currently the PSG’s treasurer, expressed her willingness, but had some immediate conflicts that kept her from putting her name forward.

With no other nominee, the assembled PSG membership confirmed the membership of a committee of two (Barbara Gaerlan and me) to serve as a chair search committee to solicit nominations from individuals not present for the Chicago meeting. To move the process along, the Chicago attendees agreed to hold an electronic balloting once a suitable candidate or candidates could be identified.

Fortunately, Professor Thomas’ situation clarified and she contacted Professor Quizon to say she could now put her name forward.

On September 30, the Chicago PSG meeting attendees were sent an electronic ballot. The deadline for responses was Friday October 16. Of the 27 attendees 20 voted in favor of Megan taking over the PGS reins, some were enthusiastic in her support. Of the remaining attendees there was one abstention and six did not respond.

Professor Thomas will formally take office in September and in the meantime she and Professor Quizon will form a transition team.

Barbara Gaerlan and I wish Professor Thomas all success during her leadership of the PSG and we thank all ballot respondents for participating. Most especially we wish to send a special thanks to Cheree Quizon for her selfless service to the Philippine Studies Group.

Paul A. Rodell & Barbara Gaerlan, Nominations Committee 2015

AAS-in-Asia and ICOPHIL 2016

Deadlines for proposals for two 2016 conferences are coming up: the AAS-in-Asia (Kyoto, June 24-27) and 10th ICOPHIL (Dumaguete City, July 6-8). With only a week apart, consider attending both next summer!

Panel proposals for AAS-in-Asia are due Oct 30th. No individual papers, only panels, are accepted but the organizers have indicated that proposals on Philippine topics, issues and themes are strongly encouraged. In addition, AAS offers funding to presenters from North America as well as Asia. Additional info may be found on their website.

NEW: Papers and panel proposals for the 10th ICOPHIL have a new extended deadline December 15th; check out the conference on Facebook. A color flyer with topics of interest and registration details may also be found here: ICOPHIL-2016-ExtendedDeadline.