PSG Travel Award 2016 is expanded

Graduate students with accepted papers to the 2016 AAS in Seattle 2016 as well as the 2016 AAS-in-Asia in Kyoto are invited to apply for travel awards of up to $300. We are pleased to announce inclusion of AAS-in-Asia graduate student presenters and junior scholars this year. The PSG Travel Award is intended to broadly support excellence in research on the Philippines and increase participation among rising scholars. The amounts vary per year but we seek to match the AAS Graduate Student Stipend which in 2015 was $280. You have to present your paper in person to receive the award but unlike the AAS stipend, ours does not limit geographical location. Deadline is March 1st with application by email; there are no financial reporting requirements. Click to view the detailed announcement. To view previous year’s awardees see 2014 & 2015.

-Cheree Quizon & Megan Thomas