AAS 2018 CFP now open

The call for proposals is now open for the 2018 AAS meeting in Washington DC, March 22-25.  The submission deadline is August 8.*   (This message replaces my message of June 21 looking ahead to the call for proposals.  –Megan Thomas, PSG Country Chair)

–If you have an idea for a Philippine studies-themed panel and are seeking others to join, please let me know (e-mail me at mcthomas@ucsc.edu) and I can post an announcement here.

–If you’re interested in organizing a panel and having it be considered for Philippine Studies Group sponsorship, please plan to submit the complete proposal to me (mcthomas@ucsc.edu) by July 25,* which is 2 weeks before the AAS deadline; I’ll let you know at that point when you can expect to hear whether PSG would sponsor your panel.  As always, the PSG sponsorship request is independent of the AAS submission process; endorsement of a selected panel does not guarantee acceptance by the AAS conference committee but is acknowledged as an expression of support from a community of peers. 

–You may also want to check out the “sessions seeking participants” and “participants seeking sessions” forum of the AAS conference website.  You may well have other networks too, of course, but this is one way to connect with scholars you don’t already know for the purposes of putting together a panel.

–Junior scholars: Remember the SEAC Rising Voices panel on Environmental Issues and Human Health in SEA.  Proposals are due for this panel July 1.

–As you consider how to organize yourself into a panel with others, remember that the LDC travel grant is available to help fund scholars from “late developing countries”.  See the full call for proposals for more information.  Only one LDC grant of a maximum of $2,000 is available per panel, and must be requested at the time of submitting the panel.  If you would be applying for an LDC grant, be sure to communicate this to your panel organizer and make sure both of you carefully follow the AAS’s instructions.

–Keep in mind the program committee’s criteria.  (The below text is copied from the full call for proposals.)

The Program Committee focuses on the following criteria when reviewing and scoring proposals:

     1.      Intellectual quality of the research (originality of material or interpretations, soundness of methodology, knowledge of the field, etc.).
     2.      Quality of the written abstracts, the overall panel abstract being of greatest importance (clear, jargon-free prose is especially valued).
     3.      Coherence of the papers to the overall panel topic and quality of paper abstracts.
     4.       Diversity in Gender, ethnicity, and institutional balance with a combination of junior and senior scholars.
     5.       Indication of a commitment to stimulating active discussion at panel sessions.
     6.      Attention to AAS guidelines (deadline, prohibition on more than one appearance, limits on number of presenters, etc.). 

* These dates are 5 days later than I’d indicated in my June 21 post/e-mail; the AAS bumped back their deadline, and in turn I’ve adjusted the deadline for consideration for PSG sponsorship.


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