AAS-in-Asia: Bangkok, July 1-4 2019 CFP now open! Proposals due Oct 22

It’s time to plan for 2019 AAS-in-Asia!  The Association for Asian Studies’ annual Asia meeting will take place in Bangkok, July 1-4 2019.  Proposals are due Oct. 22.  The website with full information is here:


Please circulate the call broadly to your networks; I hope we see a lot of Philippine studies in the conference program!

A few additional notes about preparing to apply for AAS-in-Asia 2019:

–Please note that for this conference, no individual paper proposals will be considered, only panel proposals and roundtable proposals will be considered. (Full details are in the call for proposals; see link above.)

–I am happy to circulate via this venue messages from those seeking to form a panel or roundtable with others.  If you have an idea for a panel or roundtable and are seeking one or more panelists to join, let me know if you’d like me to circulate a message here about it.  Also feel free to send me a message if you have a paper that you’d like to try to fit on a panel with others. Do not feel obliged of course–this is simply one of the many ways you might try to connect with others.  You can reach me at: mcthomas@ucsc.edu

PSG sponsorship of proposals: If you would like the PSG to consider sponsoring your panel or roundtable proposal, please send a full draft proposal to me by October 10 (before AAS’s deadline).  PSG sponsorship is not a guarantee of acceptance, and does not substitute for applying directly to the AAS by its deadline, but PSG sponsorship is an expression of support from a community of peers, which the program committee takes that into consideration when making its decisions.  If you have any questions–or if you are ready to send a proposal for consideration for PSG sponsorship–please e-mail me at mcthomas@ucsc.edu.

Travel Subsidies from AAS:  All panel and roundtables proposals are eligible to request travel subsidies from AAS for a single panelist; these requests must be made at the same time the proposal is submitted to the AAS on Oct 22; no late requests will be considered.  For more information please see this webpage: http://www.asian-studies.org/Conferences/AAS-in-ASIA-Conferences/Thailand-2019-Home-Page/Call-for-Proposals-AAS-in-Asia/Travel-Stipends

Let me know if you have any questions.  Happy panel- and roundtable-forming!

–Megan Thomas (Country Chair, Philippine Studies Group)


2 thoughts on “AAS-in-Asia: Bangkok, July 1-4 2019 CFP now open! Proposals due Oct 22

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