looking to join a panel for AAS-in-Asia?

If you’re interested in joining a panel proposal for AAS-in-Asia pls. read on for info on two panel ideas/proposals in-the-making, and about how to find out about more.  If you have a panel idea and want me to circulate it, please write to me: mcthomas@ucsc.edu.
1) Roundtable organizers are seeking additional participants for:
“Studying and Teaching the International: A Roundtable Discussion with the Philippine International Studies Organization (PHISO)”
“Established in 2015, the Philippines International Studies Organization (PHISO) serves as a platform for developing a new generation of Filipino students, scholars, and professionals in the field of International Relations or International Studies. This roundtable discussion seeks to narrate, debate or challenge our thinking, teaching, and doing research of the ‘international’ in the Philippines, while drawing on the experiences of similarly-situated academics and institutions in Asia. It aims to determine which publication goals, theoretical pursuits and networking opportunities can arise from shared experiences, material, and ideational forces with other Asian countries – strengthening potential epistemological and ontological ties between International Relations and Area Studies. Furthermore, it examines the dynamics of external and internal flows by identifying not only how prevailing interpretations of the international are revised, reinforced or disputed by context and experience, but by exploring the how the prevailing interpretations of the Philippines and other states in Asia may influence our understanding of the ‘international’. It is hoped that this RTD encourages participants from the Philippines and other Asian countries to develop eclectic approaches, drawing important lessons from Area Studies, in understanding and responding to international issues that resonate at local levels – from their own communities to the academic research agenda at their home institutions. As the panel is open to multi-disciplinal approaches, it is not limited to those taking up IR or International Studies. Asia, and the Philippines in particular, is a product of diverse historical, economic, cultural, political, media, military, policy, religious or humanitarian forces that are of global proportion.”
If you are interested in joining, please contact Nassef Manabilang Adiong:

2) As per a much earlier post (I’ll just remind you here), Carin Gonzalez is interested in putting together a panel on food security and climate change.

“The panel that I am hoping to organize would hopefully be consisted of works on food security in the Philippines in the context of climate change. Essentially, the panel will present discourses on the link between Food Security and Climate change, localized experiences of vulnerability and coping strategies, and the varying factors that provide context to the Philippine experience.

“Keywords may include: food security, climate change, coping strategies, uncertain ecologies, agriculture futures”

If you are interested in joining, please contact Carin Gonzalez: <magonzalez@ust.edu.ph>

3) The AAS website has a forum: “Sessions seeking Participants/Authors seeking Sessions” to help connect potential panelists with each other.


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