AAS 2019 Denver schedule announced

Mark your calendars! The PSG meeting at AAS 2019 in Denver will be held Friday, March 22, from 7:30-9:30pm.  I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Please also check out the rest of the schedule for AAS 2019 in Denver, which is now available. Find your own panels and papers and others that might be of interest to PSG folks, and, if you would, send me an e-mail letting me know what those are so that I can compile and circulate that list to this group.  Last year I tried just to do it myself using keywords and I missed a lot of important papers and panels, so I’d like to try crowdsourcing it this year.  So if and when you do browse the program and find yourself/other papers, panels, and/or films with Philippine Studies themes, please make just some quick notes about those, in whatever format is easiest for you and send it to me at: mcthomas@ucsc.edu.  (I don’t necessarily need full info–I can look things up and get the full info myself, but I need to know what to look up/search for.) Thank you!

Grads and recent Ph.D.’s: PSG’s call for travel fund applications will be circulated/posted here within the next couple of weeks. This will be for travel to present either at AAS 2019 – Denver, or AAS-in-Asia 2019 – Bangkok.  More details forthcoming in call.



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