ICOPHIL 2020: Dec 15 deadline

The CFP for the International Conference on Philippine Studies 2020 (Alicante, Spain September 21-23) is now open!  Please see the English text below.  Both English and Spanish are available as attachments at the very end of this message; a Filipino version will follow shortly.  Note the Dec 15 deadline.  Also note that the word limit of 250-300 is per abstract (so a panel with e.g. 3 papers would have an abstract for the panel, plus an abstract for each paper).   –Megan


21-23 September 2020

Aula Magna, Facultad de Filosofίa y Letras , Universidad de Alicante, San Vicente del Raspeig, Spain

Theme: Philippine Studies Across Borders, Across Disciplines: Collaborations, Interventions, Linkages

Philippine Studies as an academic field has expanded considerably in the last three decades, with regular conferences of Filipinists convened both in the Philippines and in the United States, Europe, and Australia. The initiative for institutionalizing regular periodic conferences in Philippine Studies has been undertaken by Filipino, American, European, and Australian academics with the aim of bringing together all scholars working on all aspects of Philippine studies in the various disciplines – in the social sciences and the humanities – gathering many foreign Filipinists and Filipino academics to present, share, and discuss with one another studies on Philippine society and culture.

A fruitful increase in collaborations and linkages among these scholars, enriched by the participation of academics from Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia, and Africa has at the same time expanded to multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary engagements. As in the past ICOPHIL conferences, which have been held alternately in the Philippines and elsewhere every four (4) years, ICOPHIL 11 aims to be the most inclusive international gathering in the field of Philippine Studies, transcending boundaries between/among academic disciplines and geographic regions.


  • Prof. Dr. Bernardita R. Churchill President emeritus, Philippine Studies Association, Inc. Chair, International Council for Philippine Studies Conferences
  • Prof. Dr. Pedro Aullón de Haro Director, Instituto Juan Andrés Director, Grupo de Investigación HUMANISMO-EUROPA (Universidad de Alicante)
  • Prof. Dr. Isaac Donoso Facultad de Filosofίa y Letras Universidad de Alicante


  • Davide Mombelli (Universidad de Alicante)
  • Natalia Timoshenko Kuznetsova (Universidad de Alicante)

Sponsoring Institutions:

  • Universidad de Alicante
  • Philippine Studies Association, Inc.
  • International Council for Philippine Studies Conferences (ICOPHIL)
  • Philippine Studies Group (PSG) – Southeast Asia Council (SEAC), Association for Asian Studies (AAS) USA
  • Center for Philippine Studies, University of Hawai’i at Manoa
  • Instituto Juan Andrés de Comparatística y Globalización Grupo de investigación HUMANISMO-EUROPA (UA) Proyecto del Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades (Ref.: PGC2018-098126-B-100)


  • Spain’s Golden Century (El Siglo de Oro)
  • The Philippines and the World: Entangled Histories
  • Five Hundred Years of Spain and the Philippines (1521-2021)
  • The Philippines in the Context of the 21st Century
  • Rethinking the Nation: Language, Culture, and Social Change
  • Philippine Literature in Filipino and Vernacular Languages, Spanish, and English
  • Filipino as a World Language
  • Islam in the Philippines
  • The Jawi Script in the Philippines
  • Mindanao and Peace-building in Southeast Asia
  • Anthropology and Ethnography of the Filipino Peoples
  • The Geopolitics of the West Philippine Sea/South China Sea
  • Identities from the Margins: Women, LGBTQ+, IPs, and IDPs
  • Media, Press Freedom, and the future of Democracy
  • Fundamentalisms and Ideological Shifts in the 21st Century
  • Climate change and ecology in the Philippine Archipelago
  • The Future is Asian. For the Philippines as well?
  • Diaspora and Citizenship

Conference Languages: English, Filipino, and Spanish


All abstract proposals (250 – 300 words) should be submitted in doc or docx format to:

  • philstudiesassociation@gmail.com


  • Bernardita R. Churchill nitachurchill@hotmail.com
  • Isaac Donoso isaacdonoso@yahoo.es
  • Clement C. Camposano cccamposano@up.edu.ph
  • Elizabeth L. Enriquez elenriquez@up.edu.ph


  • 15 December 2019 Deadline for submission of paper and panel abstracts and proposals for roundtable discussions (RTDs)
  • 1 February 2020 Start of notification of acceptance of paper and panel abstracts and proposals for RTDs
  • 1 March 2020 – 30 June 2020 Early bird registration
  • May 31, 2020 Registration deadline for paper presenters and roundtable discussants. Please note that presentations and RTDs will be included in the program when payment of conference registration is received in full on or before the deadline.
  • 31 July 2020 Deadline for submission of full papers. Papers will be considered for publication in Filipinas: Journal of the Philippine Studies Association and the Universidad de Alicante.
  • 21-23 September 2020 Conference
  • 24 September 2020 Lakbay-Aral en Alicante (post-conference optional activity)


Early Bird Rate (1 March – 30 June 2020)

  • Participants based in the Philippines PhP 7,000 or US$135 or €120*
  • Participants based outside the Philippines US$180 or €162*

Regular rate (1 July – onsite at the start of the conference on 21 September 2020)

  • Participants based in the Philippines PhP 7,850 or US$150 or €130*
  • Participants based outside the Philippines US$200 or €180* Student with proof of current enrolment US$75 or €65*

* For payment made from outside the Philippines via PayPal or bank deposit, please add US$5 or €4.50 for remittance charges.

Payments may be made either through the following or on-site at the start of the conference:

  • Philippine National Bank: Account name: Philippine Studies Association, Inc. Account number: 108670009522 Bank address: #3 Apacible Street, UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City SWIFT CODE: PNBM-PHMM
  • PayPal: philstudiesassociation@gmail.com

CFP ICOPHIL XI.Alicante Spain 2020.in English v2

CFP ICOPHIL XI.Alicante Spain 2020.en español v2

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