Join section meetings at the AAS Conference. Come to the PSG gathering that takes place once a year during the Association for Asian Studies annual meeting. The last PSG meeting took place in Toronto, 17 March 2017 with thirty-one attendees from twenty-three universities and foundations from seven countries. Minutes of the  meeting and the roster of all present will shortly be circulated by email amongst attendees. The next meeting will take place at the 2018 AAS in Washington D.C.

Join peers seeking to collaborate at the AAS. View proposed topics for 2018.

Join the email list.  “Follow” this page to receive e-mail announcements from PSG.  To follow the page, enter your e-mail address on the “subscribe to this site” box on the right-hand site of the root page (click on “Philippine Studies Group” at the very top of this page to get back to the root page).  We have retired the PSG-L google group e-mail list, so all messages are now sent via this site.

Join the Graduate Student Directory.

Join regional or international conferences. Depending on which part of the world you live and work in, submit an abstract for a paper or propose a panel to one of many regional and international conferences. International Conference on the Philippines (ICOPHIL) meets every four years with the next in 2020. See the Conferences tab for more.

Join interest groups on Facebook. PSG does not have an ‘official’ Facebook page, but we do have an unofficial one with a broader transnational agenda. The main page that former PSG chair Sue Russell has established is called ‘Philippine Studies Group’. This is an open group of Philippine specialists and scholars/NGO/academic specialists. This Facebook page is a networking site. What is listed or posted here is not reflective of any official group, including the official Philippine Studies Group of the Association for Asian Studies. It is really a venue for sharing ideas and research interests and issues – a way to virtually connect the Philippine specialists and civil society groups globally. In addition, there are two more Facebook pages of interest: a Philippine Studies Group Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts page and a Philippine Studies Group New Books and Reviews page. Feel free to join and share.


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