The Philippines Studies Group (PSG) is one of six country committees of the Southeast Asia Council (SEAC) of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS). PSG offers an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of scholarly ideas and the promotion of Philippine Studies.

The organization is headed by an Executive Secretary, also known as country chair, who serves for three years, with the assistance of an Advisory Board made up of twelve members on staggered terms. A Vice-Executive Secretary position was created in 2009-2010 to ease in transition between country chairs; the post of Recording Secretary, later renamed Treasurer, was created in 2012. The officers and board members are elected from the general membership. Megan Thomas (UC, Santa Cruz) is sitting Executive Secretary/Country Chair. Barbara Gaerlan (UCLA) is serving as Treasurer. (The position of vice chair is currently open, for which reason we decided in 2018 to temporarily add a thirteenth member to the advisory board.)

  • The thirteen members of the 2019-20 Advisory Board are (in alphabetical order): Maria Carinnes Alejandria (University of Santo Tomas), Kerby Alvarez (UP Diliman), Aries Arugay (UP Diliman), Paul Michael Atienza (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Jorge Bayona (University of Washington), Rosa Castillo (Humboldt U, Berlin), Bernardita Churchill (UP Diliman), Adrian De Leon (University of Southern California), Maureen Justiniano (Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency), Ruth de Llobet (independent scholar), Oona Paredes (UCLA), Sharon Quinsaat (Grinnell College), and Stephanie Santos (Rice University).
  • The 2019 PSG Travel Fund committee was chaired by Bernardita Churchill, with members Yoshiko Nagano (Kanagawa University) and Barbara Gaerlan.  The travel fund  began in 2013 as an initiative of Lindy Aquino and Bernardita Churchill.
  • Every two years, a selection committee is formed by the Executive Secretary/Country Chair for the Grant Goodman Prize in Historical Studies. The 2019 committee members are Paul Rodell (chair), Michael Cullinane, Cherubim Quizon, and Nicanor Tiongson.

Past PSG heads (in alphabetical order) include Belinda Aquino, Roger Bresnahan, Michael Cullinane, Jean Paul Dumont, James Eder, Donn Hart, John Larkin, Glenn May, Michael Onorato, Cheree Quizon, Paul Rodell, Susan D. Russell,  Benito Vergara, Jr. and Robert Youngblood.



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