Organizing Philippine panels at the AAS

The Philippine Studies Group of the AAS encourages individual members to organize Philippine-themed panels at the AAS. Since 2010, the PSG has actively solicited proposals ahead of submission to the AAS conference committee, with a view towards sponsoring or endorsing quality scholarship that reflects the broad interdisciplinary interests of the Philippine Studies community. PSG endorsement of a selected panel does not guarantee acceptance by the AAS conference committee but is acknowledged as an expression of support from a community of peers.

NEW! Volunteer members are helping to organize panels for next  year’s AAS. Join by exploring topics and contacts listed. For general information on submitting papers or panels to the AAS, consult the full call for proposals, which also has a link to FAQs.

Graduate students whose papers are accepted at an AAS conference may be eligible for AAS travel stipends (around $250); consult the CFP for eligibility requirements (scroll down to the “Graduate Student Travel Stipend” section.

PSG Travel Awards were launched in 2014. Graduate students with accepted papers can apply for this directly to the PSG; the call for applications normally takes place one to two months prior to the start of AAS conference itself. In 2017 the award amount was $250.

Graduate students conducting research on Philippine themes, topics, issues from all disciplines are encouraged to be part of a new Graduate Student Directory to help young scholars connect with others.

Past panels | 2011 AAS Honolulu list (not currently available) | 2012 AAS Toronto list | 2013 San Diego list | 2014 Philadelphia list|  2015 Chicago list | 2016 Seattle list (not available) | 2017 Toronto list | 2017 AAS-in-Asia Seoul list


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